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Meet the Author
Meet the Author

Meet Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han

Eileen Yue-Ling Han, PhD, LAc

Eileen Yue-Ling Han, PhD, L.Ac. is a board-certified acupuncturist with a lifetime of extensive training and practice in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

A specialist in all aspects of Chinese herbal medicine, Eileen has treated hundreds of patients within the last decade. Her clients have sought her help for a range of health concerns, including heart health and circulatory issues, liver weakness and strain, skin irritations including psoriasis, eczema, and rash, bone deficiencies and joint pain, and general exhaustion and immune deficit. In addition to treating via acupuncture-based methods, she has consistently recommended a holistic approach to help them achieve optimal health. For many patients, this has included integration of modalities including gua sha and cupping, as well as the use of Chinese herbs.

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The Power of the Points – Part 1


ISBN: 978-1-7338201-0-3


ISBN: 978-1-7338201-1-0

The Power of the Points – Part 2


ISBN: 978-1-7338201-2-7

The Power of the Points – Parts 1 & 2 (Combo Offer)



From Our Readers

“The Power of the Points – Part I is a must-have encyclopedia for anyone practicing the Balance Method. It’s well-organized and chock full of fundamental information—all in one place.”

Angela H, San Francisco CA

“I was skeptical that Dr. Han could improve upon her first book, but The Power of the Points – Part II has raised the bar. I look forward to more point prescriptions and deeper exploration in future texts.”

Sarah T, Miami FL

“After all these years of studying Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan’s textbooks, I’ve found The Power of the Points series a refreshing continuation of the Balance Method principles. The illustrations and case studies offer a clarity and modernity that I have been able to apply to my own practice.”

Linda G, Woodland WA

“This is a whole new way of teaching Balance Method acupuncture. I appreciate how the historical, cultural, clinical, and personal perspectives come together to tell the full story.”

Ian K, San Diego CA

“I’ve attended The Academy of Acupuncture seminars many times, and these books provide a nice continuation of what I’ve learned in live classes. I find myself coming back to the case studies as a reference point for treating my own patients.”

John M, Boise ID

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